INTERVALS Portal Tutorial

INTERVALS Portal - a Web Platform for Systems Toxicology Data Sharing and Review - Tutorial

Welcome to the INTERVALS Portal tutorial.  

INTERVALS has been built to share and review relevant information from content-rich systems toxicology studies. This includes study design rationale and study objectives, access to raw and processed data, description of material and methods used, as well as results.

One purpose of this website is to accompany SciPi(TM) questionnaires by providing quick access to relevant information to answer the questions, but also allowing to browse all content by study or by disease and/or pathway.

In this tutorial, the pink numbered circular icons annotating the screenshots of the website represent features that are described in the corresponding numbered lists. You may browse the tutorial items by page by using the tabbed links on the left.

A number of figures on the website can be opened in a popup of larger size. When you mouse over such images, the background turns grey. By clicking on the image, a larger size image will appear, which can be closed by pressing "Esc" or by cliking "x" on the top right of the image.


A: You can definitions of specific terms on the website Glossary page. Moreover, some of the terms are explained  in the site with tooltips.
A: You can learn more about the specific methods used in a study for particular endpoints in a collapsible section below the endpoint of interest in the results section of the study page.
You can learn about the tools on the website's Tools page.
A: To learn more about the science done at PMI, please visit